Custom Assemblies of Metal Products

In-house Welding, Forming, Bending and Shaping of Metal Components

A Great Manufacturing Partner

L & S Metals can be the perfect partner for your operations requiring sheet and structural metal tools and experience. Capabilities are only part of the story: From design to materials procurement and throughout the workflowwelding of your project's creation, you'll appreciate the courtesy and personal attention given to every detail of your job by the staff at L & S Metals.

Problem-solving With Metal

When you think of awnings, you usually don't think of metal, but when the owners of this aging masonry building grew concerned that loose and falling pieces of stucco might injure a visitor, L & S Metals got the call. The solution was this custom-crafted steel structure that not only protects pedestrians, but at the same time maintains the fabric-awning appearance that was intended by the architects.